Hi all !!

Maybe lots of foreign residents in Japan plan to back to SWEET HOME in this season.

So I just notice all of you, what should you do if you lost ZAIRYU CARD (residence card) in foreign country.

1. Down loard (P3) “POWER OF ATTONEY” (委任状) .

2. Nominate the proxy and write down the detail of relationship between you and the proxy on POWER OF ATTORNEY.

3. Send POWER OF ATTORNEY to the proxy.

4. The proxy draft the application (P2) and go to the Immigration. Of course the proxy must prove their ID and relationship between you in the Immigration.

5. If your data and the proxy ID is confirmed, the Immigration submit the certificate (P1) to the proxy.

6. The proxy send the certificate to you. But be careful, EMS, DHL, any other parcel services are very very confused in this season….

7. Back to Japan with passport and this certificate original. Declare to the Immigration Officer, you used to lost ZAIRYU CARD but already get the certificate.

8. After that, you have to come to the Immigration and get new ZAIRYU CARD…

Hope safty trip and send good luck to you !!!